Happy Place Picnic


WordPress, HTML5/CSS3, JS, PHP, Bluehost


San Diego, CA


Happy Place Picninc specialize in creating one-of-a-kind picnic events. Professional team pull off an incredible day that their clients will treasure forever. They support and guide clients through this process—because as people probably discovered, proposing or special dates isn’t exactly a walk in the park! This is one of the big moments in life, and we should be able to enjoy it without stressing about the details. Happy Place Picninc can help create best moments!


After providing a deep research, market analysis and client interview, Toporin Studio came up with a design plan to satisfy business needs as well as suggested a custom approach to the marketing strategy.


For each service provided by the Happy Place Picnic, we’ve created separate web pages with calls to action – this way users are able to get to the next step easier and faster. On the backend side, we’ve created an admin panel that allows Happy Place Picnic employees to manage content easily in case there is a need to add, edit or delete content. 

The website is live now and we continue working together on adding new features and developing marketing strategy.